The Dura-Lite® Industrial Round Gallon

The Dura-Lite® IRG is a solution for the automotive, household chemical, specialty chemical, beverage, and food & cooking oil industries. Click on your industry to see an example of what we can do!

The no glug, textured handle design improves gripping and significantly reduces glugging when pouring.

A bottle designed with the customer in mind leads to increased product loyalty.

The Dura-Lite® IRG’s cone top design is part of what makes it capable of being just 85 grams, much lighter than the standard IRG.

With our design, your bottle uses less resin, leaving a lighter touch on your wallet and the environment.

The unique Dura-Lite® IRG design, including the structural support rib around the handle, aids in improving top load strength.

Your bottle’s performance will be enhanced while using less resin.

The bumper design protects the label, reduces denting, improves side loading during conveying, and improves top load strength.

Less damage to your label leads to a well-preserved brand image.

Our standard height and footprint fits most existing fill lines without the need for expensive modifications.

Little to no extra resources are necessary to implement the switch.

* Actual savings will depend on starting gram weight of the customer’s container.

Uses Less Resin with the Same
or Improved Performance

Proven technology we can consistently deliver.

Filled Top Load
Pound-Force Standard IRG 100 grams Dura-Lite ® IRG 85 grams 0 30 60 90 120 110 113

Approximate 3% increase of top load strength with 15 grams less resin

A Quantifiable Sustainability Story

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pounds of virgin plastic equates to approximately


kWh less energy*


pounds less CO2 produced**

Now in Terms Everyone Can Understand…

This savings in pounds of virgin plastic is equivalent to


Powering an average U.S. house for approximately



Planting approximately


trees that absorb
CO2 for a year**

A Few Product Specs

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