Sustainable Solutions that Drive Value to our Customers and the Environment

We’re doing our part in leading environmental stewardship by producing millions of plastic bottles with some of the highest percentages of post-consumer resin (PCR) content seen in the marketplace. Our processes and environmental initiatives demonstrate the value of sustainable practices, which is value you can bring to your customers.

Altium is at the forefront of our industry in setting new standards for environmentally responsible packaging. This applies to everything from the containers we make to the impact of our handling and logistics.

We were one of the first manufacturers in the world to provide 100% recycled plastic bottles (excluding colorant), and we’re continuing to push the boundaries in PCR usage and lightweight packaging.

Lightweighting and Dura-Lite® Technology

In 2016 Altium commercialized the Dura-Lite® family of bottles using lightweighting technology that decreased the use of plastic by approximately 15% while maintaining the original performance and footprint.

This is only the beginning. We’re expanding our sustainability initiatives across the board. You can expect to hear more from Altium as we continue to make major innovations and investments like these.

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Envision Plastics, a leader in Post Consumer Resin (PCR)

Envision Plastics was established in 2001. Since then, Envision has produced over 750 million pounds of recycled resin. In June 2014, Envision was acquired by Consolidated Container Company and continues to operate as a distinct business within the Altium family. Envision has achieved unrivaled product innovation that has led to the commercialization of flagship products EcoPrime®, PRISMA®, OceanBound Plastic and Deodorized ResinTM.  Envision Plastics is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable and reliable post-consumer resin solutions that meet and exceed the needs of retailers, consumers and packaging customers.

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