Our Guiding Principles

At Altium, we have created a culture intended to help us build sustainable long-term value. Our seven Guiding Principles are designed to be both an articulation of the key characteristics of our culture and an operating philosophy that inspires the way we conduct our business.

We constantly strive to keep our Guiding Principles at the forefront of our mind with every conversation we have and every action we take. Our employees can attest to this.

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We conduct ourselves with integrity and fully comply with all laws, regulations and company policies all the time.

Pursue safety excellence, because we cannot create value unless we first value human life. Create long-term value for our customers, the company and society. Deliver superior results through effective, efficient decision making, execution and quality. Drive continuous improvement and innovation, while eliminating waste and striving for environmental excellence.

Always think and act like owners of the company. Use good judgment, critical and economic thinking and initiative to achieve the full potential of our business. Embrace change, take action when you see opportunities to improve the company, and develop measures that lead to profitable action.

We need to understand our customers and what they value better than our competition. We also need to develop knowledge of our customer’s business and relationships that enables us to anticipate and profitably serve their needs.

Lead through humility and intellectual honesty. Seek and apply the best knowledge. Understand and deal with reality to drive the best outcome for the company and for your personal improvement. Challenge the status quo and invite challenge without regard to role or level. Hold yourself and others accountable.

Treat others with honesty, dignity and respect. Understand and recognize each individual’s contributions and work together as a single team - the Altium Packaging team.

Contribute to an environment where everyone is encouraged to fully develop their capabilities so they can maximize their potential and create the greatest value.

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